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I have been wanting these since I saw them for the first time! However the price tag made me *gasp*. So when Hobby Lobby started carrying them I got a set using my 40% off coupon to test them out. I fell in love! I thought 5 pencils for $9 was a deal until….. I got an email from Tombow about their warehouse sale. And to my utter amazement they had the Irojitens on sale for .99 cents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So yup I got them all… took me an hour to put them all in the cart as I was forced to select the color then specify how many and then add to cart… And would you believe… yup I did it…. I forgot one! But that’s another story… but I did get the missing one…

Then I made the mistake of taking off the stupid sticker they put down near the tip of the pencil… I started using my goo gone but thought otherwise as I was concerned it might affect the lead :/ Why do they do this????