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Planning a Weekend Crop or Retreat?

Make page kits. Place photos, accents, special papers, and journaling together for each layout set in its own page protector in a binder. I use a box system. See photo here It is one of those inexpensive photo storage boxes with envelopes I made. I also made a template that fits in lengthwise for larger embellishments. Then everything you need is right in the box! I also put in my basic/advanced tool kit in same box so all nice and tidy!


Choose a theme so you do not need to bring a large assortment of papers and embellishments. (Remember you can always add to the layout at home).

Check and verify what tools, alphabets etc. that the retreat/crop host has available to you so you do not need to bring something they provide… saves space and you can bring more. 😉

~ Bring your basic tool kit
~ A tool caddy or back of table shelf
~ Bag for your scraps
~ Scan & print idea book pages if you need them
~ Bring an over the chair storage system
~ Comfy clothes, PJ’s – Dress in layers as temps may vary
~ Camera, battery, film, Digi & charger
~ Music or cds if allowed, portable player
~ Seat cushion (with pockets for storage)
~ Post-It Notes
~ Biz cards to exchange w/ friends you’ll meet and make!
~ Small first aid kit, prescriptions if needed
~ Wipes for sticky hands (acid free)
~ Token gift for hostess

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires” — William Arthur Ward

If you are hosting a Crop or Retreat

Prepare & Organize

· Walk through projects, highlight difficult areas for beginner students
· Make a checklist of materials and tools you will need for the class
· Have hand outs on topic/techniques and basic supplies kit
· Have visual examples
· Pass the project around the room (more then 1 saves time)
· Make color copies as a reference tool – Project kit to participants

Crop Setup

· Name Tags – Scrap ‘tags’ for all those who RSVP’d
· ‘Information Station’ croppers can look at magazines &books for page ideas
· ‘Swap Basket’ – allow people to sell or give away supplies they may not need.
· Tool Box – provide common tools so participants don’t have to bring them.
· Table Space for everyone 4’
· Adequate lighting
· Photo Op for crop participants

Themed Crops

· Seasonal – Holidays and Seasons
· Special Occasions – Baby Showers, Graduation, Birthday
· Just Because – Football, TGIF, School Days, Prom


· What they want in upcoming classes
· Rate the technique – Have questionnaire to fill out Activities
· Who has one of? Let’s make a deal bag – Make a list of some common supplies and some not so common see who has one…


· Drawings; goody bags from local sponsors.
· Weigh croppers’ bags as they arrive, a prize to the cropper who brings the most (or least) supplies.
. Scrapbook Trivia
. Scrapbook Bongo
. Let’s Make a Deal- Who has…..?
· ‘Musical layout’ – Circle Journal –Tell everyone to bring extra pictures. Everyone starts at his or her station and starts putting a layout together. Rotate the layout when timer goes off to the next person. Until you get your layout back and have a beautiful keepsake from the event!

~ Email for more ideas.