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I am a font freak! I kid you not. So what if you want to get one of those yummy fonts on your layout without having to have a wide format printer? Or simply printing and matting your phrase or saying then applying? Well, I font emboss directly where I want my phrase or saying on my 12×12 layout! And here’s how you do it…

You start by printing out the desired font to the size you want it and then you secure it to your layout where you want it to be and using your stylus trace over the lettering. Be careful to apply enough pressure without tearing the paper or cardstock. One tip to help in this process is to take an acid free graphite pencil and shade the back side over where the printed font is. This way when you trace you will transfer some of the graphite to the layout so you can see better to color it in.

Here is a layout I did using this technique… I will rescan larger once I unpack it *giggles*