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Ever want to include your own handwriting but wanted the ease of using your computer? Well now you can have both! Convert your own handwriting into a font to use on your computer!

As time allows I will take requests to convert your handwriting to have for your scrapbooks! I believe, even though my handwriting is awful…. certain layouts, albums demand handwritten accounts as it is as personal to you as the event was in your life. For your family to have that little piece of you that was in their daily life.

If you want me to make your handwriting into a pc font email me at

I will email you the form for you to fill in so I can transform your handwriting into a PC font.

A few things you need to know about the process:

  • Download and email the form required for the process
  • Use only a felt-tip pen with a FINE tip, not thick like a regular marker. It needs to write smoothly & evenly. Do not use a ballpoint pen or pencil or thick marker
  • Your sample will be scanned in at a high resolution, so it will show any imperfections which will become part the finished font. So check over your alphabet template carefully! Your finished font will look exactly like your wrote your alphabet
  • Important: Please ensure that only one letter/character is written in each box.

    NOTE: The boxes contain small markers about half way up on both sides which signify the Baseline. The baseline is a real or imagined line where the small letters rest. To obtain best results, each letter/character should be entered according to this Baseline.

  • Scan template at 300dpi on the color setting; 24 bit color. DO NOT re-size I need the image to be original scanned size.