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And I say that because I do not know of the beads I am using are truly ‘enamel’…. I have found several ways to make your own ‘dots’.

  • Paper Pens by Viva
  • Glossy Accents
  • Liquid Pearls
  • Hot Glue
  • Plastic Beads

The ‘liquid’ mediums you simply squeeze out the desired amount of product to make the appropriate size ‘dot’ for your project. The hot glue same idea but you use your heat gun. Simply ‘apply’ the product to a non stick mat or parchment paper and let dry overnight…. Then release them from the work surface and Ta-Da you have your own ‘dots’.

I say ‘dots’ because the various mediums produce different looks. The beads look like enamel ‘dots’ the other liquid products listed are similar to the ‘Skittles’ or ‘Dew Drops’ which you can buy or make by taking the pre-made floral beads and dying them using alcohol inks. They can also be made using clear glue in a hot  glue gun (or buy glitter glue for your hot glue gun).