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Well I have recently discovered this ancient craft and I am hooked. I am just beginning this journey and I am hoping to share (as time permits). The one thing I noticed while researching is that while there is great interest there is not a wealth of information for those who are just starting. So while I do not claim to know everything ( or anything… yet) there is to know about this craft, but I am willing to share my mistakes, my discoveries and what works for me.

I did find a wonderful lady who is a distributor for the PCA parchment tools and accessories. You can find her website here Parchmnet Craft USA. She can get any of the PCA tools & accessories not listed in her shop, you just have to wait a bit as they are sent from down under 🙂

I started with a fine perforating kit and the shader family kit as I had some ball stylus tools. I did end up getting the ball stylus kit as it had sizes I didn’t have and having OCD I wanted (ok NEEDED) all my tools to match *sigh* a gift & a curse.

I began by tracing a small pattern and playing with my different tools to see what they did… here is my first attempt. I warn you (as I too was told) this craft is addicting!

My first ever attempt… tried a little bit of everything and my first impression is that ‘pressure’ is not only important but in my opinion key to a nice, clean looking piece.

More as it happens…