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Well my scrubber thing that I paid $15 for had a fatal episode after only being used for 6 months (and not that often). So not wanting to spend a fortune on buying another one I decide to try making my own. And so my quest began!

I got a 2 pack of the Shur-Line paint edger refills for $2.47 @ Walmart along with some Velcro ovals for $2.97. You can probably get cheaper if you get just the dots or strips but, I got this brand because it was ultra thin sticky back and water resistant. (don’t need Velcro, but I wanted the pads to stay put)

The pads have a lip on them that i cut off so they would lay flat.


Then I applied the Velcro dots to back. I put the loop side on the pads because I figured they would hold up to being washed better. Although these pads are cheap enough to just replace when they get really dirty. But I like to explore all options so we’ll see how they hold up.


Now what to put it in? I looked at a few different plastic trays and containers but, they were all too deep or just plain too big. I cruised the internet looking for a small shallow pan or tray all to no avail! So I went home empty handed.

Then I had an idea and it worked! What is it you ask….. an old game case! The standard ones have a clip on each side where the manual goes and the two small shur line pads fit perfectly! You probably have an empty one floating around or you can buy them real cheap at video stores or even yard sales.

So the bottom line is $5.44 or $2.47 plus case if you don’t opt for the Velcro… not too bad!


and because I could… will make a nicer one sometime.