Matchbook Album – A simple, stylish mini book

For the cover

1. Cut cardstock or chipboard 6 x 12
2. Score this piece starting at one end at 1”, 6 ½” & 7”
3. Fold on these score lines

For the pages

4. Cut off the bottoms of several bags, finished size should be about 5 ½” (from top of bag)
5. Stack the bags together, place inside the smaller flap and staple
6. Fold the larger flap over and viola!
7. Now decorate your pages

Some prefer to decorate the pages before they staple them. If you do so remember to leave a margin at the bottom of each bag as the lower flap will cover this area where you will staple them to the cover.

Bags also have top loading pocket unless you glue shut. Try putting your photos on the pages with journaling inside the pockets!

Note about paper bag albums: Paper bags from grocery stores are not acid-free, and over time will deteriorate, so please remember to only use duplicate pictures & memorabilia. They are not as sturdy as a cardstock album so handle them with care.

If you want an acid free project make your own ‘paper bags’ out of acid free paper. Directions coming soon!