You can do a search for more in depth explanations and other colors. I compiled this list from several others I found as these reflect how the colors make me feel.

RED – symbolizes aggression and high energy. It is a warm color and in the western world, it is the symbol for passion and love. Red is also a color for warning and danger

PINK – symbolizes tenderness and romance. Pink is very calming, and soothing. It is also known as a symbol for new birth.

ORANGE – symbolizes contentment and warmth. It is also a warm color and is most associated with the sun. It is also known to express fruitfulness and wholesomeness.

YELLOW – symbolizes light and playfulness. The color yellow can cause many different emotions, depending on which shade of yellow you chose. Lighter shades of yellow can express cheeriness, and joy. Darker versions can give a sense of being old, dingy, and dirty.

GREEN– symbolizes nature and vigor. Green provokes different feelings too, depending with the intensity of the color. Dark greens tend to represent heritage, sophistication, and prosperity. The lighter greens can be calming and quieting.

– symbolizes solitude and loyalty. Blue is cool, restful, and soothing. Blue is the most popular of all colors, male or female. Universal, peace.

PURPLE – symbolizes sensitivity and romance. Purple is also well known for its artistic flair. It also represents loyalty.

BROWN – symbolizes wood and earth. Brown has an organic feel and can make things look worn and comfortable. It also stands for strength and credibility.

BLACK – symbolizes power and formality. It compliments any of the other colors, and tends to brighten whatever color it is matched with.

WHITE – symbolizes purity and innocence. White creates a refreshing, clean, cool feeling. When used with other colors, it gives the match a sense of being clean, and crisp.