It’s in the bag!

the ‘Grocery’ List: Supplies and Tools you will need to complete the project:

paper lunch bags – Colored bags can be found at some craft shops
stapler & staples
paper trimmer or scissors
patterned paper and/or cardstock

Check Out’ how easy it is, as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Choose the number of paper bags needed. With 2 paper bags, the finished scrapbook will have 8 pages and 4 pockets, 3 bags you will have 12 pages and 6 pockets, etc. You can achieve several styles and sizes depending on the way you fold/cut your bags. The most common is to cut off the bottom of your paper bags. The easiest way is lay the bags flat, lift the bottom flap and then cut straight across the bag.. (Make sure they are all same size). .

2. Individually fold each bag in half and set them on top of one another. Measure the side holes evenly with a ruler, and then punch the holes. Punch 2-5 holes down the left side of the book (depending on your choice of binding).. Then match up the second bag behind the first bag etc

3. Now decorate your pages! Precut your cardstock or decorative paper, embellish and glue to the bags and that’s it! One note: Some people prefer to embellish & decorate before the bags are assembled… it just depends on how you want to do it. Use the side pockets for your journaling.

Basic Bag Book Directions – Measure your lunch bags, as they are all a tad different in size

1. Cut (2) 5×5 strips of cardstock/paper for the front & back covers
2. Cut (5) 5 x 103/4 strips for the inserts (for a 2 page layout) or (10) 5×5 squares for single layout
3. Adhere the inserts
4. Punch holes with everywhere setter depending on the binding of choice
5. Bind
6. Embellish

Finish off your mini album with a variety of bindings:
· Use bits of ribbon, fabric or fiber tied in knots in each hole. Add an eyelet for more interest
· Paper – Staple bags together then adhere a coordinating paper.
· Metal Binding Clips – Found in the office supply stores.
· Brads or Eyelets
· Metal Rings
· Sewing Machine

Grocery Bag – for larger album

1. Open bottom seam and lay flat
2. Cut handles & bottom off grocery bag and trim edges

To the Folds

3. Fold bag in half and crease open and fold the other way and crease
4. Fold bag width wise into 4ths
5. Unfold the last 2 sections and cut on the fold to the vertical crease
6. Open bag and fold in half lengthwise
7. While holding the ends push towards the center
8. Fold the front and back sections
9. Decorate!

Note about paper bag albums: Paper bags from grocery stores are not acid-free, and over time will deteriorate, so please remember to only use duplicate pictures & memorabilia. They are not as sturdy as a cardstock album so handle them with care.

© 2007-2014 Maddie Hall
Please email for permission to reprint.