Card w/ Envelope – one sheet of cardstock

One Sheet Wonder (OSW) – Traditionally a single sheet of (stamped) cardstock or patterned paper that is cut up and used to make several cards. For this application you will make one 4×4″ card with matching envelope~


Sheet of cardstock 8 1/2” x 11”
Paper Trimmer
Bone Folder
Square punch 3/4” (optional)
Scoring Tool
Permanent Adhesive (For envelope, so it doesn’t come undone in mail)


1. Cut ½” off the width of paper (8 1/2” side). This leaves you with a piece of cardstock 8” x 11”
2. Turn 8” x 11” piece of cardstock lengthwise and cut 4” off bottom. This is for the card; 4”x4”. This leaves you with a piece of cardstock 7” x 8”
3. Cut 1” from the remaining 7” x 8” piece to make a 7” x 7” square piece of cardstock. This is for the envelope.


1. Score the 4” x 4” piece of cardstock in the middle and fold in half to make the card.
2. Decorate and set aside.


1. Holding the 7” square piece of cardstock measure down to 3”, 3 ½” & 4” on each of the 4 sides. At the 3 ½” mark measure up ½” as guide for punch.
2. Using a ½” square punch, cut out a ½” triangle centering on the measurements you just annotated; Lining up the top of the punch with the center mark. (Placement is crucial) Might need to make small adjustments.
3. Score across each flap from side to side.
4. Fold two sides in from right to left, apply permanent adhesive to secure flaps. Apply adhesive to outside edges of bottom flap and fold up and secure.

© 2010-2014 Maddie Hall
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