Finished size is 3″ ¼” x 3″ ¼”
Perfect for use index photos, school mini wallets


12×12 Paper
Bone Folder
Craft Knife
Scoring Tool (optional)


Step 1: Scoring the Channels

Score a 12×12 piece of paper at 3, 6, and 9 inches along one side; turn paper 90 degrees and do the same. This makes a grid of 16 3” squares that will become the pages for the book. You can also fold paper in half and fold the open edges back to the center fold; rotate 90 degrees and repeat. Double sided paper provides added visual interest.

Step 2: Cutting the Maze

You will make 3 cuts, 2 along one side on the 1st & 3rd score lines and then 1 in the center of the opposite side. Each cut will go down 9” (that’s 3 of the 3” squares)

Cutting the Maze

Cutting the Maze

Step 3: Folding the pages

Start in a corner fold in a back and forth in an accordion type fashion until you have a 3×3 stack of connected squares.

The single pages are the first & last pages and will be adhered to
the covers.

Step 4: Prepping the pages:

IMPORTANT: Apply adhesive to the inside (binding) edge of each page.

To make pockets: Some pages can be side/top opening pockets. To make a pocket page apply adhesive to the bottom & side edges (where applicable), otherwise apply adhesive all over the inside of the page for a stronger book.

Or you can fold down the side of a page (before gluing) to make an inside pocket for added visual interest. (Double sided paper gives you a different background for page)

Step 5: Making the covers

Cut 2 squares measuring 3” x 3” of cardboard. Cut 2 squares measuring 4 ¼” x 4 ¼” of paper. Apply adhesive to the cardboard and center over your paper squares. Cut on a diagonal to the corners of each side leaving enough paper to cover cardboard. Gently score alone each side nearest the cardboard and fold the paper over the cardboard. Next apply adhesive to the cardboard square and fold the paper up onto the cardboard from opposite sides, press down firmly. To make a nicer corner gently ‘tuck’ in the little bit that overlaps by pushing down on it with bone folder. The do the same on the other opposite sides and you’re done!

Finishing the book:

~ Cut a small piece of card for a binding 1.5 x 3″ scoring 1/8” from the middle (width may vary; make sure it is sufficient to accommodate the pages comfortably).
~ Use cardboard or book board to make a front and back cover. Adhere ribbon to front and back covers for a closure. Do this BEFORE gluing pages.
~ Can put a ‘cut out’ on front cover I any shape for added interest.
~ Decorate & Embellish

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