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Scrapbook Nook

If you want to learn scrapbook techniques, keep current on what’s new and interesting in the scrapbooking world then this is the place for you! Join and participate in live scrapbook classes, monthly projects, Cutter Tutorials, games and more!

We at Scrapbook Nook encourage you to post as this is your site! A place to share your work and enjoy the company of fellow scrapbookers.

As the Scrapbook Nook grows, we hope that friendships are found and our Scrapbook craft grows by teaching each other. Just remember that we are all individuals and have our own opinions. Be respectful and mindful of what you post. We expect that every one be treated with respect and kindness. If a problem should arise please bring it to the Scrapbook Nook Teams’ attention and we will do our best to resolve it.

Currently there is only one set rule; NO advertising/sales for stores either internet based or brick and mortar. Scrapbook Nook wants this group to be one in which people actively participate not simply posting for monetary gain.

HOWEVER – We do permit a trade/barter exchange of craft items. And if you teach a class or write a tutorial you will be allowed to have the items for that class/technique for sale, providing the transaction occurs off list.

Please note that we DO NOT want a constant ‘plug’ for products throughout the class/tutorial. This is very distracting and the focus should be on the topic being taught. You can include your info at the bottom of a written tutorial or mention the items AFTER the live class is over. This way those who are not interested in the product can leave and those who want to discuss it further can stay.

So grab your coffee/tea (Or other drink of choice) and come on inside! Help us make this group what you want it to be… bring your ‘dreams’ to paper for generations to cherish!

Please make sure you are on at least ‘Special Notices’ so you do not miss anything.

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